Can Babies Hear Before They’re Born?

Certain questions and answers on baby’s hearing capabilities that you may like to know:

Can babies hear before they’re born?

Yes, they can hear from about 24 weeks. Babies constantly hear their mother’s heartbeat. That’s why the sound of a heartbeat can quiet a newborn. They also hear their mother’s voice whenever she speaks. Babies get used to the environmental sounds they hear in the womb. That’s why after birth babies may sleep through a dog barking, traffic noises or other familiar sounds.

Will my baby know my voice at birth?

Yes. From birth babies will turn toward the sound of their mother’s voice. Newborns can also recognize the voices of other family members and often turn toward the person when he or she speaks.

Does my baby know what I’m saying?

Developing babies and newborns do not understand words. However, they do respond to the rhythm and tone of a person’s voice. They prefer the sound of pleasant speech.

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